Jumpstart Your Fitness and Get Lean and Toned for Summer!

Finally get personalized advice, rather than searching the internet for “plans” —

Talk with me for 45 minutes and walk away with 5 Tips to get you back on track.

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You decide how healthy you want to be. You choose which direction your health will take you.

This is your official invitation to confidently pursue the kind of health that will bring you life, more than anything else will.

You - and your family - will enjoy the benefits of good health.

We know it takes time to transform your body, and to stack up health & fitness wins.

We also believe that good health gives you choices in life, and in your career.

We love to listen, educate, support, guide, and respond to your challenges.

We will make your obstacles seem like “a piece of cake”.

Our Health and Fitness Results Formula


You will have access to coaching within each department,

so you can be strong as we challenge you.

Main Service Menu


Small Group Coaching Membership

Semi-Private/Small Group Training is designed for those who are serious about their health. We believe the best way to enjoyable health and fitness is to sweat often – focusing on frequency of movement, full body strength and progression towards your goals versus long, boring cardio workouts.

Take the confusion out of your workout planning and have loads of fun with us!

See below for schedule openings.


Semi-Private Coaching 2-1

2 HOURS of 2-1 Coaching every week - 2 clients sharing the cost of a personal trainer*. Both clients receive quality attention, progress assurance and ongoing guidance from the coach. 

Bring us your goals, from athlete to posture correction to losing fat and increasing energy; we got your back! You may use sessions for Personal Training, Nutrition Planning/Coaching and Recovery Sessions.

*You may bring your own workout partner or we will pair you with someone from our waiting list with similar fitness level


Private Fitness Coaching 1-1

1 HOUR One on One Coaching Sessions.

Finally get your health to where you are proud to talk about it. Whether you want fat loss, muscle gain, or just want to improve your longevity factor, this is the program for you.

You may use sessions for Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and/or Recovery Sessions. Personalized coaching with programming designed just for your needs and goals.

Semi-Private Group Coaching Schedule



7-8 AM - 1 Space Open

12-12:45pm - No Spaces Open


7-8 AM - 2 Spaces Open


7-8am - 1 Space Open

12-12:45pm - No Spaces Open


7-8 AM - 2 Spaces Open


8 Week Semi-Private Group Series starting March 16th!!

Services That Skyrocket Your Results


New Balance Foundational Program

24 ONE HOUR sessions to help you build a strong and balanced body. Correct misalignments, break through a plateau and get your health back on track! Your program design will be individual to you and your goals and obstacles. After this, you may stick with 1-1 or reduce expenses by switching to a Semi Private option.

$2580/24 Sessions



Experiencing a plateau in your fitness? Want to get healthier but not sure how?

Get a detailed and personalized plan after 1 Hour Health History/Coaching Session. Plus, 3 Progress Check-ins and 3 months of accountability.




HALF HOUR recovery sessions where we utilize our skills to help your muscles recover from stress and workouts, so you feel more light and happy. May include: Normatec Compression therapy, spot treatment Massage Therapy, assisted stretching, HyperVolt Tx, Venom Heat Tx, electrode Tx.

$40/Half Hour Session

$100/3 Sessions

You have always been amazing.
Now you’re just deciding to be healthier, stronger, faster, and more durable. Remember that.
— Infinite HF